GP Letter of Introduction


Your patient is taking an active role in improving their health by participating in an innovative men’s health program called Prick ‘n a Pint.

The goals of Prick ‘n a Pint are to educate men about basic health issues and encourage men to be proactive in managing and improving their overall health. We emphasise that the GP remains the main health care provider and at all times the management of medical issues will remain with the nominated GP.

Once a month, for ten consecutive months, your patient will be part of a group session where GPs will deliver an informal lecture on a particular health issue based on current evidence and RACGP recommendations. By the end of the program all participants will have a far better understanding of the health advice and assistance they can receive from their GP.

As part of the program your patient is encouraged to work with his GP and we invite you to become a part of our project in helping your patient improve his health. The first step is to assist with organising baseline tests listed below. Copies of these investigations will be required during the program for your patient to refer to and will remain confidential.

To participate in Prick ‘n A Pint, your patient requires:

  • Height Measurement
  • Weight Measurement
  • Blood Pressure
  • Baseline blood tests of:
    • A Full Blood Examination(FBE) including LFT’s, U and E and Cr
    • Fasting Lipids including Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL and a Cholesterol Ratio
    • Fasting blood Glucose (FBG)
    • Iron studies if not already done in the past.
    • Vitamin D please note ‘sun restriction’ on request to avoid charge

The Prick ‘n a Pint Team thank you for your assistance and welcome you to contact us to discuss our program further.

Dr Rebecca McGowan, GP.

Medical Director – Prick ‘n A Pint

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