GP Letter of Introduction


Dear Dr

Your patient ………………………………………………………… 

Is participating in an innovative Men’s Health Program called “Prick and a Pint”. 

The goals of Prick and a Pint are to educate men about basic health issues and encourage men to practice prevention and thereby improve their overall health and to live longer, happier and healthier lives.  

Prick and a Pint supports the patient in having continuity of care with the one Doctor and have encouraged all participants to choose a GP to work with on these goals.

If a man does not have a GP, he has been encouraged to seek out and identify a GP he wants to make his regular GP.   We ask that you become part of our project in helping your patient improve his health.  

We emphasise that you, their GP, remains the primary health care provider in this project and at all times the management and treatment of any medical issues and investigations will remain the responsibility of you, the nominated GP. 

The first step is to assist with organising baseline tests; being blood tests and body measurements. 

Copies of these investigations are requested to be given to the patient so that he knows exactly what his blood tests, height, weight, waist measurement, resting PR and BP readings are.  

Then, once a month, for 10 consecutive months, over the coming year, your patient will be part of a group session where a GP will deliver a lecture on a health issue, based on current evidence-based guidelines and RACGP recommendations.  

Topics covered are varied but will include such subjects as Cardiovascular Health, Diabetes, and Prostate Cancer, End of Life planning, nutrition, exercise, sleep and mental health issues.  

There is a major emphasis on lifestyle factors in this program. We anticipate that by the end of the program all participants will have a far better understanding of the health advice and assistance they can receive from their GP and the lifestyle factors they need to address for their own individual health issues.

Suggested baseline blood tests if not already done in the past two years include the following:

  • A Full Blood Examination, (FBE), Liver and Kidney Function tests (LFT’s,  U and E and Cr) , 
  • Fasting Lipids (including Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL and a Cholesterol Ratio,) 
  • Fasting blood Glucose (FBG) 
  • Blood Pressure reading, Pulse rate, Weight, Height, Waist Measurement at umbilicus. 

Again, please give a copy of all the blood tests and a record of the measurements described above, to the man.  The Prick and a Pint Team thank you for your assistance and input into the program designed to improve your patient’s health.

Kind regards, 

Dr Rebecca McGowan

MBBS FRACGP DipObs RANCOG, Grad Dip Forensic Med (Monash) 

Medical Director: The Prick and Pint Team. 

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